Using Limmer Boot Grease

Limmer Boot GreaseFirst make sure that the footwear that you will apply grease to, is in fact the pair of boots/shoes you intend to keep . Follow company recommendations for break in.

Most leather products will have a polish on them when they are new. Wear them around to get the polish off the leather, polish being a wax base will not allow the grease to penetrate through to the leather. Once the polish is off you can start applying the grease to the leather. Light coats should be applied, the grease should absorb into the leather within 10-15 minutes at room temperature, never use artificial heat! During the break in period ( the first few weeks) you may grease the leather as much as three times a week, remember light coats. Areas where the grease seems to be standing is most likely areas where the polish has not worn off yet. If there is standing grease you may consider wiping excess off at this point. Standing grease could allow grit to start forming on the leather. A well greased leather, is one when you pull your fingers across and you will see a slight shine on the leather with no real feeling of grease on your fingers.

As the leather absorbs the grease you will notice that the color of the leather is turning darker and loosing its new shine look. At this point you may want to start slowing down on the applications, reapply only after the leather no long repels water or looses its deep color

A well greased piece of leather will require applications in intervals of a couple of weeks. This will depend on the use and conditions where the boots have been used. Once the leather is conditioned under normal circumstances you should only have to apply the grease maybe every two to three weeks, but you will find a routine that works for your situation. Always try to apply grease to clean dry leather, remember for the safety of the leather never us artificial heat to speed dry the leather!

Other Uses
leather gloves
motorcycle jackets and chapps
horse tack
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