Limmer Boot Grease
Limmer Boot Grease
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Lengthen the life of your boots with the boot grease made by Peter Limmer maker of the Limmer Custom Boots.

Peter Limmer and Sons Boots have become highly popular, creating a backlog in making custom boots. Because of the wait period for these new boots, our boot grease was developed to extend the life of leather boot including other brands of leather boots and leather products.

Perspiration, dryness and other elements that the boot comes in contact with can degrade the leather and life span of the boot. With the proper balance of water resistance and leather conditioning, your boots will remain comfortable and durable longer than without proper care.

This site will instruct you in the proper fitting of your boots and use of Limmer Boot Grease. Visit the dealer listing for locations to obtain your boot grease. If no dealers are in your area, please visit our Buy It page to order.

Waterproof leather conditioner for any leather boot or leather product.

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